The Indian people have many ways of honoring their veterans, especially their wounded veterans and the ones who have not returned to their loved ones. At every Pow Wow there are honoring dances and songs. It is a part of Indian traditions to take the time to show honor and respect for those who have met the challenges of life and death in defense of the people.
In a modern society that often doesn't seem to pay much attention to veterans, the honor accorded to Veterans at the Pow Wow can seem surprising to someone not familiar with Indian culture and customs. Veterans are asked to be flag bearers, called upon to retrieve dropped eagle feathers and honored in a multitude of veterans' songs. The respect shown to veterans is an integral part of American Indian cultures, a tradition from times when the welfare of every village depended on the number and ability of its fighting men. To be a warrior was a man's purpose in life and the most honorable death a man could have was to fall defending the people. To the Indian people, the well-being of the entire tribe was more important that that of any individual; and so the warriors were honored because they were willing to give their lives in order that the people might live.
Today's veterans are accorded the same tokens of honor and respect as the warriors of times past, and, in many tribes, bravery is still revered as one of the four virtues: bravery, generosity, wisdom and fortitude.